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Dr. Carl Smit

Carl Smit, born on October 22, 1970 in the city of Dallas, Texas, was trained in the area of gynecology, beginning his studies at the University of Atlanta with a student award granted for his good grades, after graduating from a general practitioner He specialized in the area of gynecology, doing his internships at the Piedmont hospital, after opening specialized, he obtained his master 3 years later to enter the study of his life, which he defined as the evolutionary process of the embryo until time of delivery To date.

Carl Smit has more than 15 years of experience in gynecology, in April 2010 he opened his private clinic in the city of Arizona, he is the general director of the gynecologist assembly in the state of Massachusetts, To date Continues gynecological studies on disease prevention since the embryo is born in the mother’s womb. Together with other specialists, they managed to deliver 2 brain-connected embryos and participated as a spectator in the separation of these individuals, he has drawn an important mark in his nationally recognized career as a gynecologist of excellence recognized in the national gynecological association, his Lavor has been arduously satisfying, which has given him a lot of prestige as a Specialist, now he enjoys his life with his wife and children, and continues to investigate human motherhood.

Dr Carl not only attends to interns through his private clinics, 2 years ago I created an association to help mothers with problems of early pregnancies and who also do not have enough money to give birth to their child, bringing many to the world Children who, unfortunately, do not have the money needed to deliver in a private clinic.

He has made trips to Africa to study the life and prenatal behavior that women have in recondite and jungle environments and how childbirth is developed in these environments, which they use and how they use it.

Obtaining thus the most precious knowledge is, carrying it out in his clinic, without a doubt he is a very prepared man who over the years has surprised us with the most innovative medical findings so far.

He enjoys a beautiful family, has 3 children in his marriage of 15 years, his wife is a pediatrician who provides his knowledge in the clinics of Dr Carl and they enjoy an impeccable health and quality of life. 

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